Thursday, 15 April 2010

Popp-bot - our first pump diabotic!

From Shelley and her pump Poppy, Popp-bot!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Polly Urea and Gluco-John!

The terrible twins Polly Urea and Gluco-John, diabotic double trouble!

On World Diabetes Day last year:

And with the rest of the gang!


He may look like a bit of a carthorse, but he's a pure thoroughbred, all saddled-up and with Novorapid coursing through his veins!

Diane Botic!

Kei's daughter, F, created Diane Botic - She has purple spiky hair and an antenna made of a calibration strip. Her tummy is also a drawer which apparently makes ice cubes for dispensing to children at injection time!

Check out that ice-cube drawer!

Essential supplies!

Don't forget to start stockpiling all your bits and pieces so that you have plenty of materials for making your creations! Test strips, needle tips, strip canisters, insulin cartridges etc. plus all the boxes can all be used, and it's quite acceptable to include some non-diabetes related stuff for those little finishing touches!

Jet-mog meets Dia-mog!

Dia-mog stands her ground despite being loomed over by a giant cat! Thanks to Rachel for this action shot!

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Our very own diabotic chicken, Accu-Chick!


Another fine creation from Alison M, Diverpot!


Another member of Rossi Mac's menagerie, Dia-raffe (who wasn't supposed to look so angry!)

Exter-min-ate! Exter-min-ate! Dia-Dalek!

Dr Who's nemesis, the Dia-Dalek!

Quick! Hide behind the sofa!

Saturday, 10 April 2010


From Salmonpuff, a diabotic with no eyes who sees using chemical reagents: I-C-No-Botic!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Diabotics - the Original Series!

Here's a video of the original diabotics family!


Amanda's best friend is a diadogbot!


A seasonal diabotic! Sno-botic!

And after the 'Great Meltdown'...!


From the fair hands of Rossi Mac - Diadoode!


Courtesy of Alison M - Lancepot!

Gertrude Diabotic!

Courtesy of Katie, the glamorous Gertrude!


Diabetes Valkyrie, Diababooshka!